How to Prevent Common Brake Problems – Part 3

Preventing Accidents on the Road

In previous posts, we have gone over many tips for bus brake system maintenance. We have talked about how important it is to pay attention to the key bus parts that may cause problems, but what about the human factor? Yes, the bus driver plays an important role when it comes to the bus parts integrity.

Drivers’ Role

In case drivers notice any braking issues, he or she should communicate it to the technician – issues such as increased stopping distance, a difference in pedal feel, excessive pedal travel, brake-related warning lights, and noise issues (including grinding or squealing). Refer to a technician for immediate inspection and service.

It is considered an emergency if any brake component has brake fluid on it. It could be caused by a compromised caliper or faulty seals. That is not a common problem, but it is a sign that requires immediate attention.

For vehicles with an air brake system, drivers have to spend time each day draining the air tanks. During their ”pre-trip inspection,” drivers should also look for brake issues and air leaks.

Apart from daily inspections, paying attention to changes in how the brakes are functioning are important— hot brakes, leaking air, or reduction in torque could all be indications of a problem.

Selecting Adequate Friction Material

Price should not be the deciding factor for school bus brake lining. Avoid purchasing items with no specifications.

tips for bus brake system maintenanceFirst, spec’ing the original equipment manufacturers brake lining may not be the most efficient methods. Beware that in many cases, there is only truck brake lining fitting truck axles. It is risky to use them on buses because frequent stopping and other rigors are not ideal for on-highway truck lining. Many buses are operated on rural roads with lots of contamination.

Second, spec’ing a brake lining that designed for high heat applications and is rated for the gross axle weight rating. Friction materials that are specially made for school buses are available; they are durable and quiet, and at all temperatures, they ensure consistency.

Last but not least, there is the flexural strength. When a product has a high levels, as temperatures increase, they will not crack. With pressure and heat, the brake drum expands as the shoe flexes.

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