Fueling a Vehicle with Compressed Natural Gas

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How to Fuel Vehicle with CNG

How to Operate most Public CNG Dispensers
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Similar to refilling your gasoline tank, you attach the nozzle from a designated CNG dispenser at a public station. Most public stations are fast-fill, which can refuel your tank in about the same amount of time it takes filling up a vehicle gasoline tank.

It is easy to refuel an NGV and it is very close to using a traditional gas station. CNG dispensers accept most major credit cards and the filling time is similar to utilizing a gas pump. There usually is not an attendant. Before starting, check out the dispenser video to ensure proper use.

A PIN will be issued for fueling and you can use it now and for future fueling.

How to Operate the Majority of CNG Fueling Stations:

  1. Make sure to turn off the vehicle.
  2. Remove the gas cap and grab the fuel nozzle.
  3. Make sure that the nozzle arrows are properly pointing.
  4. Place the nozzle into the fuel slot on the vehicle.
  5. Lock the nozzle by rotating it properly.
  6. Insert your credit card or fleet and follow the abide by the on-screen instructions.
  7. Once the payment method is authorized, lift the dispenser’s handle. The fueling will start.
  8. Turn the dispenser off by lowering the handle when you are done fueling.
  9. To disengage the nozzle, line up the arrows again.
  10. Remove the nozzle. Don’t worry if you hear a slight release of pressure.
  11. Put the nozzle back to the holder and replace the dust cap.
How to Fuel a Vehicle with CNG
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Stay tuned to learn more about CNG powered vehicles and other alternative fuels.

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