Better Access to the Fuel Alternative in Denver

Sparq Natural Gas Station in Colorado

In August 2016, Sparq Natural Gas and GE Oil & Gas, in partnership with Noble Energy, inaugurated the 7th public Weld County CNG station and it utilized the modular technology known as CNG In A Box which is a first. This new technology, which is a natural gas fueling solution is turnkey and compact. It took approximately four months to construct and open the Eaton station by using the modular method.

CNG In A Box modular technology

Sparq fuel station provider is committed to delivering drivers in Colorado conveniently located high-performing CNG stations. CNG gives consumers and fleets alike a lower cost with clean burning fuel produced in Colorado.

Located along the CNG Corridor on Highway 85 this new station provides another fuel option and renders better access to the fuel alternative. Part of the funding for the station was thanks to the ALT Fuels-Colorado program from the Colorado Energy Office.

With seven stations in our county and more than 45 across the state, public and private fleet operators will now have improved access to this clean, abundant, and local transportation fueling alternative.

Sparq Natural Gas Station in Colorado

About Sparq Natural Gas

natural gas fueling solution is making transportation less expensive throughout the country by pushing for a smooth transition to more affordable transportation powered by a US-made fuel that is cleaner and cheaper: Compressed Natural Gas (CNG). Sparq works hard to bring together companies and communities to the environmental benefits and cost savings of CNG fueling alternatives for buses, cars, and trucks.

Sparq looks forward to working with each of you individually to meet your CNG fueling needs as the 2016-2017 school year begins soon.

About Noble Energy

alternative fuelsNoble Energy is an independent and global company with a focus on producing and exploring natural oil and gas. They possess a successful track record, high-quality assets, and a future-oriented strategy.


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