Winter is Approaching— Is Your School Bus Fleet Ready?

November 24, 2020by cowest

As the cold and snowy weather arrives, now is the time to review a few winter maintenance needs for your fleet.  Ensuring your Blue Bird buses are dependable, and in safe working order is a top priority.  Below are a few maintenance tips to complete for the season.

Maintenance Checklist

  • Check the battery condition/state of charge to ensure clean and proper connections.
  • Consult with fuel providers to ensure they are providing you properly treated fuel for cold weather.
    1. Propane fuel should be treated with Methanol at the start of cold weather.
    2. Diesel fuel should be treated to prevent gelling in the extreme cold temperatures.
  • Test coolant for low temperature rating to make sure it does not freeze.
  • Inspect wipers for good working order.
  • Top off washer fluid and make sure sprayer is working properly.
  • Inspect tire tread for proper tread depth for winter driving: See the new Colorado Law.
    1. New Colorado Law states that tire tread should have a 3/16-inch depth minimum.  View the full law HERE.
  • Inspect tire chains and ensure they are present in vehicle.
  • Auto chains should be inspected for proper operation and torque of mounting hardware.


In addition to ensuring your fleet is running well, it is also important to ensure safety inside.  With new safety procedures for passengers due to Covid-19, passenger protective equipment is a must.  The following is a list of items available through our Parts Department.

Passenger Protective Equipment

Cloud Disinfect-It Sprayer- “Peroxy-Klean” Electrostatic Fogging System (BioFence)

  • Heavy-duty triplex plunger pump
  • Serviceability of parts
  • 50’ hose for large areas
  • The electrostatic field generates an extremely high negative ion charge which positively charges the fog that produces an even coating under and around all conductive services.
  • Capacity; 3-gallon tank gets up to an hour of uninterrupted fogging
  • No batteries to recharge
  • 1300 psi creates an extra-fine fog or particle size of 30 microns that allows for better coverage and faster dry time.

99.9% Effective

  • Many different varieties of Hydrogen Peroxide based products are listed on the EPA N-List for use against the COVID-19 virus.

Electrostatic Charged

  • Actively searches and clings to any earth-grounded materials.

NO Harsh Residue

  • Peroxy-Klean evaporates in 10 minutes or less (depending on the relative humidity).

Safe on Electronics

  • Use on screens, keyboards, and other electronic devices. (Note: Devices must be turned off. We do not recommend saturating these items.)

EASY to Use

  • No need to immerse surfaces! Because of the electrostatic charge, a slow pass-over is recommended and sufficient!


Infrared NO Contact Thermometer (Safety Vision)

  • Displays body temperature quickly and easily as passengers board a bus or enter a building.
  • Temperature readings are displayed on the LED screen, in addition to an audible voice that states if the person’s temperature is within range.


Social Distance Seat Bands (Freedman Seating Products)

  • Blocks Passenger Seating from being used
  • Easy to add in the field
  • Removable for seating configuration
  • Made of a durable, flat-woven fabric that is anti-microbial and moisture repellent
  • Standard orange for optimum visibility
  • Available for seats 26”-45” wide, including child restraint seats.


Colorado/West Equipment, Inc and Nebraska/Central Equipment, Inc make passenger safety on our Blue Bird buses our top priority.  We partner with local service centers who also are committed to keeping your fleet up and running safely.  Please visit our website today to find a local service center, or contact our parts department with any questions or to order passenger protection equipment.  We look forward to serving your bus needs.

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