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December 10, 2020by cowest

With the ALT Fuels Colorado Application ending at the end of this month, December 31, 2020 at 5:00 PM, now is the time to revisit the benefits of our Blue Bird Electric buses through an earlier publication.

Did you know that Blue Bird was the first to market Electric School Buses in 1994?

When it comes to the many Alternative Fuel options we offer here at Colorado/West Equipment, Inc. and Nebraska/Central Equipment, Inc., not only do they provide a cleaner solution for daily transportation, but they can also lower expenses over time in some cases.  Blue Bird’s Vision and All American RE Electric buses cut cost on fuel and have fewer moving parts, reducing maintenance costs over the vehicle’s life in addition to producing ZERO emissions.  When purchasing a bus, the total cost to maintain and fuel the vehicle throughout its lifetime is something to consider. Take for example the following areas in which you can save money with our Blue Bird Electric.

  • No Engine Oil Changes
  • No Engine Air Filter Change
  • No Smog Check/Testing
  • No Spark or Glow Plug, or Coil Replacements
  • No Transmission Maintenance
  • Brake Pad Change Intervals are Longer
  • Fewer Coolant Changes Needed

Cummins PowerDrive
Our Blue Bird Vision and All American buses are equipped with Cummins PowerDrive™ technology, which includes an integrated telematics control software, so you can easily manage and maintain your bus throughout its lifetime.

While saving money is always a consideration, many wonder what that means for the day-to-day operation, for example:

1) How far can an electric bus take passengers?

Blue Bird’s electric buses can get up to 120 miles in a single charge, depending on terrain and driving habits.

2) How long does it take to charge an electric bus?

With a typical Level 2 (AC) charger, Blue Bird Electric buses can charge in approximately 8 hours. With the new fast charging option, which utilizes CCS1 plug, our buses can charge in approximately 3 hours!

3) What is needed for electric infrastructure?

Infrastructure additions are part of the integration process when bringing an electric bus into your fleet. The good news is that infrastructure can help you better manage your energy needs overall! We can help you navigate what companies can support your needs and find potential financial assistance and grants that may be available.

Along with reduced maintenance and fuel costs, many government subsidies and grants are available for school districts that are willing to buy electric.  This is true for our Colorado customers where grant funds are available through the ALT Fuels Colorado Grant Program.

ALT Fuels Colorado application period is open now through December 31, 2020 until 5:00 PM.  Please visit the website for additional information and to apply by clicking HERE.

There are many reasons to choose a Blue Bird Electric bus for your passenger needs. Safety is our number one priority and our electric buses are no exception. Our Electric buses conform to all Blue Bird standard safety features and testing. In addition, our electric buses are exceptionally quiet, allowing drivers to better hear passenger compartment noises, and concentrate on the road ahead.  ZERO emissions ensure an even healthier environment for our children and our planet.

As always here at Colorado/West Equipment, Inc. and Nebraska/Central Equipment, Inc. we are committed to serving your passenger needs.  Child safety and customer satisfaction remain our top priority.  Contact us today.

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