School Bus Safety Rules Every Child Should Know

When you are preparing your kid to take the school bus, be sure to go over the school bus safety rules to keep them safe on and off the school bus. Waiting for the school bus may seem harmless, but when you are near traffic you need to take precautions. Teach your kids how to be safe around traffic while waiting for the school bus.

School bus safety rules
Talk to your kids about school bus safety rules.

School bus safety rules

School bus safety begins as soon as you leave the house. Every child needs to learn to be cautious and careful in traffic. The first step to school bus safety is basic traffic safety. Learning to look both ways before crossing any street is traffic safety rule number one.

Don’t rush

Teach your kids to be aware of traffic and their surroundings when walking to the school bus. The more aware you are, the safer you are. Therefore, it’s important that you don’t rush, give yourself and your kid plenty of time to get safely to the school bus stop. Rushing poses a safety risk for you and your kids.

Waiting for the bus

School bus safety rules for kids
Talk about the rules for crossing the street once your kids get off the bus.

When kids are waiting for the bus, it’s important that they keep their distance from the street. Never stand too close, or on the curb waiting for the bus. Always face the street so that you are aware of the traffic. Teach your kids not to play or run around on the sidewalk or at the bus stop when they wait for the school bus.

Crossing the street

If your child needs to cross the street when they get off the bus, be sure to always cross the street in front of the bus. Look for a crossing guard whenever possible. Even with a crossing guard, teach your kids to make eye contact with the bus driver before crossing in front.

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