Cost-Effective Commercial Buses to Improve Public Transportation

When citizens have access to affordable and reliable public transportation, they also have access to more opportunities. When you are struggling financially and you can’t afford a car, good public transportation is your only option for having access to good paying jobs. Therefore, when a city invests in public transportation, they are investing in the future of their citizens.

Affordable transit buses in Colorado and Nebraska.
Access to public transportation will open up opportunities for low-income neighborhoods.

Access to public transportation means access bigger opportunities

When you are struggling to make ends meet, public transportation will open up opportunities for people to seek better employment. However, when you can’t afford a car, and you live in a neighborhood that doesn’t have easy access to public transportation, you get stuck in a negative cycle. You are limited to your neighborhood, limited to jobs that you can walk or ride a bike to, and your chances of finding work that pays better to improve your situation are out of reach.

Affordable transit buses

Now, we understand that local governments are also operating on a budget. Although local officials understand the benefits of improving public transportation for their communities, they are still bound by their operating and capital budgets. When you look to expand your public transit with a new fleet of buses and extend routes to more neighborhoods, you have to make sure you get buses that are within your capital budget but are also going to be affordable to operate. We understand the challenges of finding capital to buy new (or used) buses, as well as making sure that once you’ve purchased the new vehicles, you can afford to operate those buses.

Alternative fuel transit buses

The best transit buses to improve public transportation
All American Forward Engine by Blue Bird is the best in its class.

Our All American Forward and Rear Engine commercial buses are the best in their class. Each bus has a flexible array of body plans and seating configurations to accommodate up to 90 passengers. Each bus also has incredible turning radius to be able to maneuver through the tightest neighborhoods, as well as dense traffic conditions. However, perhaps the best feature regarding an operational budget is being able to choose between diesel and Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) engines. The capital funds you may spend on purchasing an alternative fuel commercial bus can be made up in improved operating costs, not to mention the point of sale rebate for alternative fuel vehicle purchases in Colorado. Depending on the size of the bus that you purchase, you may be able to reclaim up to $10,000 in tax rebates.

Transit bus distributor in Colorado and Nebraska

CoWest is a full-service bus distributor in Colorado and Nebraska. Talk to a sales rep about our fleet of transit buses. We’ll help you come up with a solution to stay within your public transportation budget while expanding your services to more neighborhoods and improving opportunities for the people in your community.

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