Saving the Planet One Blue Bird Propane Bus at a Time

We’ve just celebrated another Earth Day, but in the fight to protect our planet, we need to think of every day as Earth Day. Every local and state government, as well as every church, school, and corporation that provides transportation for their people, needs to look at purchasing alternative fuel transportation. Not only is it going to benefit the planet, but it will also have a big impact on the operating costs. Hence, being good to the planet is just good business all around.

Alternative fuel commercial buses
Alternative fuel buses are saving the planet and saving you money.

Environmental benefits of group transportation

First of all, whenever you provide public transportation opportunities or shared transportation, you are minimizing the number of single-person vehicles that are crowding our streets. The more you car-pool, whether it’s taking the city bus, ridesharing, or taking advantage of other means of transportation provided by your work or community, you are reducing CO2 emissions and your carbon footprint.

Alternative fuel shared transportation

Of course, shared and public transportation is just one small step towards being green. The next step is to talk to your local government, your employer, your church, and your school district about purchasing alternative fuel buses. Propane Blue Bird buses, whether for business or pleasure transportation, will greatly reduce your carbon footprint, as well as save you on operational and maintenance costs.

Better indoor and outdoor air quality

Sometimes, it can be hard to understand the long-term impacts of switching to alternative fuel public transportation, but anyone who walks the streets of a heavily trafficked city and has trouble taking a deep breath will understand the importance of reducing the number of cars that we have on the streets each day. Propane buses will not only improve the air quality outside the buses, but the indoor air quality of the bus that you are riding is also greatly improved.

The benefits of switching to alternative fuel buses
Talk to a CoWest sales rep about our fleet of alternative fuel commercial and school buses.
Photo by LAUSD Green

Every little bit counts

Whether you are switching to diesel or propane, every little bit counts, not just in terms of reduced carbon emissions, but also in terms of reducing our dependence on foreign oil. It only takes a few people – between 3 and 8 passengers – sharing rides or taking public transportation to break even with a car operated by a single person. So, a bus that carries up to 90 passengers is going to have a major positive impact on our environment.

Alternative fuel commercial and school buses

Talk to a Blue Bird sales rep in Colorado and Nebraska about our diesel or propane-powered Blue Bird Vision buses for your state, county, school district, church, community organization, or corporation. You can help save the planet one alternative fuel bus at a time.

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