Buy a Bus for Your Dance School in Colorado

Reasons Why Your Dance School Needs a Bus

Imagine having the ability to load up your dancers on a bus and go wherever you wish. Suddenly, traveling to competitions, conventions, workshops, and far-away performances would become a lot less complicated. Dance studios everywhere are already purchasing buses for just this reason, but there are even more benefits to owning a studio bus than you might realize.

Benefits of Owning a Studio Bus

Decreased Numbers of Chaperones Required

Parents are busy. Often, this means dancers cannot attend every event simply because their parents’ schedules are full. Because a bus only requires one driver, fewer parents will be required to attend out-of-town events, and more dancers are likely to join in the fun.

Bonding Time

Riding in a bus together increases the amount of bonding time your dancers have. Nothing consolidates the unity of a group of individuals quite like a road trip, and a bus offers your team the opportunity to all travel together – something that’s hard to do in a personal vehicle.Benefits of Owning a Studio Bus

Increased Practice Time

Traveling as a group means arriving as a group. Because your dance team will be together the entire trip, more practice sessions can be scheduled into your trip if needed without the hassle of corralling all the dancers and waiting for late arrivals to get into town.

More Financially Feasible

Many families may not attend out-of-town dance events because they can’t afford to drive or fly the entire family there. With a studio bus, gas costs can be split between all the attendees, and because your team will be traveling as a group, splitting hotel rooms is the easy and obvious thing to do, which saves money in the lodging department. Alternatively, parents can opt out of attending altogether, saving them money on food as well.

With all the money savings a bus can offer, your dance school will be much less likely to encounter students who cannot attend an event due to finances.

If you are interested in finding a bus for your dance school, please contact Colorado West Equipment. We also have an exclusive selection of used buses, which have gone through a rigorous inspection process to assure that we are providing you with a new or used bus that is ready to hit the road.

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