All You Need to Know About Low-Floor Buses

Low-Floor uses Make Transportation Easy for Everyone

These type of buses improve access for all customers, including those with canes, crutches, walkers, young children, burdensome packages, and seniors. This type of service is ideal for public transportation users with limited mobility.

What is a Low-Floor Bus?

It is a trolley or bus with a low cabin floor and without rear or front steps. Just 14 inches high sits the he floor between the rear and front doors.

There is a “kneeling” feature at the front entrance that lowers the front step to approximately 10 inches above the ground or about 4 inches off the curb. A  retractable foldout ramp is available, in which the driver controls, that allows for a flat bus entrance.

Boarding, Securement, and Exiting a Low-Floor BusWhat is a Low-Floor Bus?

It is critical that people can easily get on and off the bus to ensure that the bus stays on schedule.

A courtesy area with folded seats is available at the front of the bus to accommodate passengers such as seniors and those using wheelchairs, ride-on scooters, prams, or strollers. These seats are accessible on a first come first serve basis.

If there are already multiple scooter or wheelchair riders, the operator might have to pass on similar riders until someone leaves the bus. Try to avoid high-demand periods such as the morning or afternoon rush hours because many buses are full during these times of the day.

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