Replace Older Diesel Buses with New Propane Powered Buses

Fleet Upgrades in Colorado

In the U.S. school buses are already the biggest piece of mass transportation and are the safest form of moving students to and from school. Diesel buses have been what most educational institutions use and have used, but for districts or communities seeking to save money, alleviate emissions, and create a safer, healthier ride, propane powered buses is an excellent alternative.

Making the choice do a fleet bus upgrade to alt fuels presents a great chance to put more vehicles that use an alternative and cleaner fuel on the roads and reduce environmental impact and help improve operational efficiency.

Why Green Your Fleet?

There are several attractive reasons to upgrade your fleet with alternative buses:

Fleet Upgrades in Colorado
Image by Natural Gas Vehicle Institute

Be Independent

Transitioning to buses that are alternative-fueled helps to advance energy security because it works to minimize overall petroleum dependence, as 98% of the natural gas used in North America is produced in the United States.

Lower Operational Costs

After upgrading to alternative-fueled buses, many fleet operators and individuals have reported lower overall operational costs.

Switching from diesel or gasoline to natural gas fuel saves money. Savings over diesel or gasoline can average up to $1.50 or more per gallon.

Make a Positive Statement

Cleaner buses make a positive statement to the public and customers. The public notices.

Reduce Emissions

Petroleum-fueled vehicles generate nearly half of all vehicle GHG emissions. Therefore, upgrading your fleet renders a measurable way to diminish your company’s carbon emissions. Greenhouse gas emissions can be reduced up to 30%.

How to Upgrade

The best way to upgrading your bus fleets is reaching out to a reputable bus dealer in Colorado.

Whether you are a commuter wanting to reduce commuting costs, a consumer just researching ideas, or a commercial or public fleet administrator researching fuels and technologies for upgrading to greener buses, Colorado West Equipment offers you the best buses in the State of Colorado.

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