Winter Maintenance– Is Your Fleet Ready?

November 14, 2019by cowest

As winter quickly approaches and the cold weather and snowstorms are already creeping in, now is a good time to review a few winter maintenance necessities for your fleet. When it comes to ensuring your Blue Bird buses are dependable, and in safe working order here are a few maintenance tips to complete.

  • Check the battery condition/state of charge to ensure clean and proper connections.
  • Consult with fuel providers to ensure they are providing you properly treated fuel for cold weather.
    • Propane fuel should be treated with Methanol at the start of cold weather.
    • Diesel fuel should be treated to prevent gelling in the extreme cold temperatures.Tire Maintenance Best Practices
  • Test coolant for low temperature rating to make sure it does not freeze.
  • Inspect wipers for good working order to clean windows.
  • Top off washer fluid and make sure sprayer is working properly.
  • Inspect tire tread for proper tread depth for winter driving.
    • New Colorado Law states that tire tread should have a 3/16-inch depth minimum.
  • Inspect tire chains and ensure they are present in vehicle.
  • Auto chains should be inspected for proper operation and torque of mounting hardware.

As always Colorado/West Equipment, Inc. and Nebraska/Central Equipment, Inc. make child safety on our Blue Bird School buses our top priority. We partner with local service centers who also are committed to keeping your fleet up and running safely. Visit our website today to find a local service center or contact us with any questions. We look forward to serving your bus needs.

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