5 useful tips for first time school bus drivers

Whether you have just decided to take up a new career path and become an official school bus driver, or you have decided to convert an old bus into a new home, managing a large vehicle for the first time is not an easy feat. Like everything in life, you need to take some time to get used to the new circumstances and adapt your driving to a different situation behind the wheel. Here are some tips for all first-timers ready for a new adventure!

Mirror, mirror…

Before every trip adjust all the mirrors on the bus because they help you get a better overview of the situation on the street. Check them often, especially before slowing down. Be careful, and get to know your blind spots because they differ significantly from those of a regular car.

Take your time

Create a habit of studying your surroundings before you enter your vehicle in order to avoid possible errors in estimating the length of the bus and the available space you have to back up and turn. Use the opportunity to also check your tires for possible damage.

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Pay attention to gauges while driving

Be careful with gauges

Depending on the model of your bus, as well as its intended purpose and capacity, it might have different gauges you need to keep an eye on. If your bus has air brakes, it also has air tank gauges that should not run out of air. If they do, your brakes will stop working. Pay attention to the temperature gauge as well, since buses tend to overheat at high speeds.

Pay attention to signs

There is a whole range of street signs you used to ignore while driving a regular car, that you need to pay attention to now. Some areas have limits for bigger vehicles, both in size and in weight.

Slow down

Because of their size and significant weight, buses are harder to stop and you need more time to do so. Pay attention, look further down the road and start slowing down earlier to give yourself enough time to stop.

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