Boost Your Hotel Profits with Bus Shuttles

Satisfy Your Customers’ Comfort and Needs

In the hospitality industry, the money is made in meeting your customers’ comfort and needs. With that being said, we present you with several easy ways to enhance your services by using bus shuttles from your hotel to and from the airport, or other key establishments, and help your customers experience the best you have to offer.

Benefit of Using Bus Shuttles

Here are the advantages of using shuttle buses in the hospitality industry.

Increase Passenger’s Comfort

Mini tour buses are easier to get in and out of than other vehicles. This makes them ideal for picking up seniors, children, and everyone in between. Also, they are roomy and comfortable with lots of headroom. Plus, there’s plenty of extra space available for luggage, carry on items, and other accessories your customers may bring. Additionally, minibuses can pick up more people at a time than a car, SUV, or minivan. This enables you to be more efficient as well as keep bigger parties altogether.

Enhance Customer’s ExperienceMinibuses for your hotel

Mini tour buses are perfectly suited to groups and clubs and allow you to offer enhanced services that other vehicles cannot. Bike or ski racks are large and cumbersome, and may not work on all cars. You could also cater to the city night-life crowd with a big screen TV, a great sound system, Wi-Fi, mood lighting, and a plusher interior. Enhanced services like these are things your passengers will gravitate to when choosing a hotel and remember after their stay.

Quicker Transportation

Minibuses are not much longer than cars and are easier to maneuver through busy rush-hour traffic. They also make it easy to get in and out of airport terminal parking lots, stand out among other vehicles and are easy to spot by existing and potential customers.

Satisfy the Customers Need

Different manufacturers offer different bus styles. This sort of selection enables you to choose a model that best suits your customers and their specific needs. Also, different motors, suspensions, tires, among many others, can be selected from, allowing you to get the right minibus that is perfectly equipped for use in various weather conditions and terrains for your climate and location.

Finally, remember that a minibus also gives you the opportunity to wrap them with advertising and your hotel logo. This serves double-duty by enhancing resort branding and recognition.

There are many ways that a minibus can enhance your hotel’s bottom line and make it easier to do more business with your customers, from offering additional room and enhanced services to making your hotel more visible. You should check out the bus brands and styles being offered by Colorado West Equipment.

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