How The VW Emissions Scandal Can Help Pay for Your Electric Bus

September 3, 2019by cowest

There is no shortage of reports dating back to 2015 about how VW manipulated their automobile emissions testing here in the U.S..  So what does this mean for you, the consumer?  Where did all of that penalty money go?

The penalty money is allocated to projects to reduce NOx from heavy duty diesel sources. Funds have been divided across all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico for various projects. This relates directly to our customers through our Blue Bird school and transit buses.

Colorado/West Equipment, Inc., and Nebraska/Central Equipment, Inc. are pleased to do our part to help in the area of alternative fuel buses, providing Propane, CNG, and Electric powertrain options.  As a matter of fact, over 50% of Nebraska/Central Equipment, Inc.’s sales over the last year have been Propane school buses.




In the state of Colorado, funds have been allocated differently, toward zero emission vehicles specifically, Electric school buses.  Our partnership with Blue Bird allows us to provide local school districts with the ONLY Certified Electric school bus available in Colorado.  Blue Bird has been working with electric technology in school buses since 1994, and recently partnered with the Cummins Electrified Power business segment. Cummins produces the all-electric drivetrains that power Blue Bird’s Vision Electric and All American Electric buses.

This is the beginning of our Electric Bus series.  Stay tuned for additional information on what Electric bus options are available, as well as our national contract with Sourcewell and more.  Contact us to discuss your alternative fuel options today.  Colorado/West Equipment, Inc. and Nebraska/Central Equipment, Inc. look forward to serving your needs.

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