Alternative fuel bus

New State of Colorado Bill Provides for Point-of-Sale Rebates for Purchases of Alternate Fuel Vehicles Beginning January 1st, 2017, buyers of alternative fuel vehicles in Colorado will be eligible for new point-of-sale rebates. Available Incentives Light-duty passenger vehicles: $5000 Light-duty trucks: $7000 Medium-duty trucks: $10,000 Heavy-duty trucks: $20,000 Leasers are also eligible for half of the tax credits listed above. What Does This Mean for West Equipment Buses? Full-size buses are considered medium-duty trucks and are eligible for $10,000.00 rebate. Smaller body-on-chassis buses are considered light-duty trucks and are eligible for $7,000.00 rebate. Click here for the bill, HB 16-1332, in full. Haven’t Got Your Bus Yet? Reach out to the best bus dealer in Colorado & Nebraska. For more than 20 years, Colorado/West Equipment, Inc. and Nebraska/Central Equipment, Inc. have been serving these communities. We are committed to...

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