School Is Out–Bus Maintenance Time Is In

May 28, 2021by cowest

I think we all can agree, this year has not been typical in any sense of the word.  Although some districts started late or went to remote learning for a portion of time, the wear and tear from the school year on your bus fleet remains the same.  While the students and educators are enjoying some much-needed R&R, summertime is the perfect time for routine repairs and maintenance on your bus fleet.

The obvious repairs needed are those for safety, and those required to keep in line with the Annual Inspection and Maintenance tests.  Other items are those needed inside the bus to ensure comfort and safety for children.  Below is a list of most requested items for repair in our Parts Department during this season.


  • Foam for seat repairs- Due to compartmentalization (safety precaution in non-belted seat buses) it is vital that seats are kept in good condition.
  • Seat Covers- For extensive tears or damage that cannot be patched, replacement of the entire seat cover may be necessary.
  • Vinyl- Small punctures or rips can be patched using a vinyl repair kit.

Paint- Many repairs can be simply cosmetic, making paint a solution, inside and out.

Chains- After the winter season, chains may need replacing.

First Aid and Bodily Fluid Kits- Replacing empty kits is necessary.

Personal Protection Equipment- Added to the list this year are social distance seat spacers and touchless thermometers that may need replacing in the case they are needed next year.



Although the above items that are needed for replacement and or repair are the most requested, there are many others that are necessary to ensure child safety in your school bus fleet.  Colorado/West Equipment, Inc. and Nebraska/Central Equipment, Inc. along with our local servicing partners are here to assist you with your bus parts and maintenance needs.  Contact us today. Passenger safety and customer satisfaction remain our top priorities. We look forward to serving you.

Visit The Colorado Department of Education for additional safety information and requirements by clicking HERE.

Visit the Nebraska Department of Education for additional safety information and requirements by clicking HERE.

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