Cost of a Bus Conversion

Buying and converting a used bus to travel and live in is a big decision because it doesn’t include just a change of lifestyle but also a significant financial commitment. That is why it is critical to plan in advance, not only for the purchase itself but also for all possible costs that will turn up when you start converting your basic vehicle into a dream home on wheels. Here are the most common expenses you will encounter when taking on a project of a bus remodel.

Bus itself

Depending on the size of the bus and its capacity, type of engine, the year of manufacture, mileage and so on, the basic price of your purchase can vastly differ. Research your options thoroughly and look at different financing opportunities.

Work and repairs

If you are not particularly handy, be careful not to overlook the expense of technicians that will help you convert your new vehicle. If you have friends or family members that can help you with your bus, you could save a lot of money that could be invested in other aspects of your remodel.

Tools and supplies

Although it might not seem like it in the beginning, you will need a lot of different tools to perform the conversion. Think about what you might actually use later on in life and instead of buying everything, find a way to borrow or rent specific items from the conversion toolbox.

Bus Conversion

Spare parts

If you are buying a used vehicle, chances are you will need to change some parts of the bus. If you are tech savvy, try to save money by finding the necessary parts online from different resellers, and if you feel more comfortable buying your items from professionals, research our database for possible options.

Installations, toilet, plumbing

Depending on your long-term plans, you can choose to invest in a composting toilet, solar panels, and quality installations.

Living quarters

After you’ve stripped the entire insides of your bus and laid the foundation, you will have a clean slate to decorate as you wish. If you plan to be on the road for more extended periods, it will be useful to have practical storage options and multifunctional items. Getting custom made pieces of furniture constitutes additional costs, but it will help you live more comfortably.

Registration and insurance

After you’ve finished with the remodel, you will need to register your bus and consider insuring your vehicle.

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