Reasons Why Buses Are Safer Than RVs

More and more families decide to invest in some type of mobile home, instead of building or buying a cabin or a classic weekend house. Mobile homes provide more possibilities for travel or even an option to start life on the road. Even though purchasing a recreational vehicle or RV might be easier than buying a used school bus and converting it, there are several reasons why getting a bus is safer for your family.

School buses are designed to protect children and are built to be as safe as possible

That includes high crush standards, rollover protection features, and increased visibility. The windows made of laminated glass and the body made of steel make the school buses safer than any other form of transport available. In comparison, a typical RV is made from an aluminum frame and a fiberglass cover, both of which are materials less durable than steel.

safe bus conversionSchool buses get checked on annually

That means extended inspections were carried out regularly until the bus was removed from the fleet. Because of multiple random checks and annual maintenance, the school buses have thoroughly kept documentation, which is rare for used RVs.

Conversion takes time and skills

Skills develop as you work on your new mobile home. Learning new skills helps you feel more comfortable in the vehicle because you understand how it works much better.

Finding help is easier

In case you encounter some problems with your bus while traveling, you have better chances of finding a mechanic that can help you than an RV technician. Besides local school bus maintenance shops, you can check any truck stop, and you will find a diesel mechanic ready to help.

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