Tips for a Safe Ride to School

Every school year thousands of eager students look forward to getting on the familiar yellow bus. Although the school year has already started, it is always good to keep these basic tips in mind for a fun, safe and smooth ride to school.

Useful tips for students

1. Get to the designated bus stop at least five minutes early to avoid rushing and a stressful start of your journey.
2. Do not run after the bus that has left the bus stop. It is better to be late than to risk running into traffic.
3. Keep away from traffic while waiting for your bus. Position yourself a couple of steps away from the curb or the road.
4. While waiting for the bus, avoid talking to strangers and never accept an invitation for a car ride with a stranger.
5. Refrain from pushing and shoving to get on or off the bus because you might trip yourself or someone else who is waiting patiently in the queue.School bus safety rules for kids
6. Cross the street with care.  Do not rush to get off before the bus has stopped moving altogether. Walk at least 10 feet in front of the bus when crossing so the bus driver can notice you, and never cross behind the school bus!
7. During your journey keep yourself seated, and keep your hands, feet, and head inside the bus.
8. Yelling and unruly behavior can distract the driver and put the entire bus in jeopardy so be respectful, keep your voice down, and talk in a normal tone.
9. Listen to the driver’s instructions carefully to help her or him maintain discipline on the bus.
10. Do not play with emergency exits, never block them with backpacks, sports or musical equipment and, in case of emergency, pay attention to the driver and wait for his or her input.
11. Be careful with all drawstrings and loose objects of clothing in order not to get caught on the door or the handrail while exiting the bus.

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