Suit up for a safe bus conversion

September 28, 2018by Colorado West Equipment

Converting an old bus into something new usually requires a lot of hard work and includes rust, dust, paint fumes and different safety hazards. That is why you should never start working without gearing up first from head to toe. Even a small mistake and lack of attention can cause serious injuries so prepare yourself and your helpers by providing the following protective items for a safe and productive conversion.

Protective boots and clothes

Be careful what you wear because you will be doing serious work both inside and outside of your vehicle. Protect your skin by wearing durable clothes and appropriate shoes for this type of activity.

Knee and leg pads

You can expect a lot of kneeling during the process of fixing your bus so, in order to avoid bruises, cuts and splinters in your legs, wear knee pads!

Protective glasses

Special protective work glasses are the most important piece of equipment you need to wear during your conversion. While you work on your bus, loose particles, mold and debris will be flying around, posing a great threat to your eyesight.

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Face mask or shield

Cutting metal, sanding, and ripping off different rusty pieces are less dangerous if you perform them with your face safely protected by a face shield with a clear visor.

Dust mask or respirator

This part of the equipment is particularly necessary when dealing with insulation, whether in your home or in your new vehicle because mold and different irritants will fill the air during the reconstruction.


Flexible, durable and practical work gloves provide a better grip and help you perform tasks like extracting sharp pieces of the bus, rusting panels and larger items like seats out of the vehicle without causing injury.


Working on a conversion includes using a lot of loud power tools cutting through metal, sanding and doing other important tasks that are usually accompanied by a loud drilling sound that might hurt your hearing. Protect it by wearing appropriate ear protection.

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