4 tips for buying a used school bus

Choose the right school bus for a conversion

Does the idea of leaving everything behind and embarking on an adventure in a converted school bus inspire you, and you are ready to invest? That suggests it’s time to check your options and start shopping for a bus! If your finances allow it, opt for a new vehicle. If you have a limited budget, try searching for a more cost-effective solution by browsing the “used buses” section and examining your options before you purchase. Follow these four tips for a great shopping experience.

Trust your intuition

Your first step should be finding a salesperson ready to sell you a vehicle. Ask to see buses with detailed paperwork, and ask for information about the previous owners and the repairs made on the vehicles. Trust your instinct when talking to the salesperson and avoid getting overexcited. Come prepared for your meeting by searching for information online. Check our “used buses” section and find your perfect match in just a few clicks!

Trust the rust

When considering a vehicle for a conversion, pay attention to signs of rust because you don’t want to invest in a bus with a corroded base. Don’t forget to consider the weather conditions in your hometown, since a humid environment can cause additional rusting. Choose a vehicle with a minimum of rust and check that it can be easily removed.

Choosing a bus for a conversion
A used school bus is an excellent option for a nifty conversion into a mobile home

Trust the tires

Commercially used buses have a lot of miles in them and because of that, worn-out tires. Since most buses have six tires, it can become a financial burden, especially if they all need to be changed at the same time. In case you plan to travel frequently, it is important to check the state of the tires and make sure your vehicle is safe.

Trust the leakage

Thoroughly inspect the condition of the battery, check for corrosion or leakage and check the bottom of the battery for signs of oxidation. Ask the salesperson when it was last replaced and how old it is. Make sure that there are no spots underneath the vehicle that can be a sign of possible leakage. If you need to do a lot of repairs before you even start your conversion, it may turn out to be a bigger investment than you expected.

If you have questions about how to choose the perfect bus for a conversion, contact Colorado/West Equipment, Inc for help. Browse our online store for an exclusive selection of used buses!

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