Going Over Capacity in a Transit Bus Decreases Safety

For many non-profits, passenger vans are a popular and cost-effective way to transport people to and from events and gatherings. However, when it comes to transporting people, there is one area that you cannot afford to cut corners or save on costs, and that’s safety. Make sure you understand the risks of transporting people is transit buses, and do what you can to protect the people that you are serving.

Transit bus for nonprofit organizations
Transport your local sports team safely in the Ford Collins Transit Bus

Nonprofits Using Passenger Vans as Transportation

Many types of organizations have found great use for transit buses. Churches, youth groups, and sports teams all have the need for transportation. Whether you’re helping your congregations get to and from church, to helping the home team head out to away games in style, transit buses are the right size and the right price for getting everyone to their location safely.

Never Go Over Capacity

When you purchase a transit bus for use in your nonprofit endeavor, it’s important that you pay attention to the description of the vehicle. For such uses as transporting small school groups or sports teams, it’s important that you get a vehicle that has the right capacity for your needs. The capacity limit isn’t just set to ensure the comfort of each occupant, but it is set to increase the safety of the vehicle. One of the main concerns that people have regarding transit buses is the “roll over” potential. The capacity of the transit bus is set to minimize the risk of the bus rolling over. In fact, making sure that you are always under capacity will greatly decrease the risk of rolling over. So, when you go to purchase a transit bus, make sure you get a model that can carry more than you need, and increase the safety of the vehicle.

Ford Collins Transit Buses for Sale
Ford Collins Transit Buses are safe and comfortable

Ford Collins Transit Bus

We carry the Ford Collins Transit Bus line. Built on the most impressive drivetrain available, the Collins Transport gives you greater efficiency with less fuel.  The bus’ narrow body maneuvers easily, even on the tightest roads.  Superior front-end visibility improves safety for drivers and passengers.

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