Public Transportation Improves Quality of Life and Grows the Community

The demand for public transportation is growing faster than the population is increasing. Investing in public transportation has many benefits. On a social level, expanding public transportation will bring a better quality of life, and on an economic level, investing in public transportation can be an integral part of growing the community.

Benefits of public transportation
Public transportation improves the quality of life and grows the community.

National public transportation statistics

According to the American Public Transportation Agency, Americans took a whopping  10.7 billion trips on public transportation in 2015.

Considering that there are 35 million rides on public transportation each weekday alone, it is evident that more and more people are relying on public transportation to get them to and from school and work.

Public transportation use is up 37%, which is more than the 30% rise in private vehicle transportation.

Social benefits of public transportation

Investing in dependable and affordable public transportation will make life a little sweeter for the people across the nation. Public transportation provides personal freedom and mobility to every citizen, regardless of their position in life.

Extending your public transportation in your municipality also provides ample job opportunities. When people have jobs and a means to take them to and from work, everybody wins. Every new investment in public transportation will bring more job opportunities and more community and economic growth.

Economic benefits of public transportation

Grow your community with public transportation
Safe and reliable buses for transporting the public is good for business.

More job opportunity will grow the community. When people have a job, they feel more secure, and they start to spend more money. When people spend money, businesses thrive and so does the community.

The more freedom of mobility that you provide to your citizens, the more people will have access to shops and businesses. Shops and businesses that are in locations accessible by public transportation show an increase in sales.

Quality buses for better public transportation service

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