Buying a Shuttle Bus for Your Retirement and Healthcare Facility

Advantages of Retirement Shuttle Bus

There is a range of shuttle bus options for retirement and healthcare facilities. Narrowing the scope for the best selection can be challenging. Not all vehicles can provide the best layout for passengers or comfort on a long-haul ride. Two alternatives are available for the retirement shuttle bus market. Let’s take a look at these two options and learn their biggest advantages.

Seating That’s Just Right

shuttle bus optionsNot every bus is created equal. Designed to move more people more comfortably than a standard van, a minibus is a great option for retirement facilities. Seating near fifteen passengers in one vehicle without cramming is easy. Look out for buses that offer versatile layout options, including a luggage storage and wheelchair seating. If you need over fifteen spaces for passengers, there are models that can accommodate up to twenty-five. Other models can be modified to seat everyone in need of transportation.

Comfortable for the Long Haul

Rural retirement areas may find the need to transport seniors over long distances for special events or doctor/specialist appointments. No matter the need, a spacious, well-equipped bus is necessary. Whether new or used, the vehicle you choose must provide superior comfort for senior centers traveling across their region. Reach out for aisle seating and headroom that allows more room to avoid the closed-in feeling a long journey can sometimes cause. Long-haul driving may be matched with maneuverability.

need a new or used busPassenger comfort and vehicle performance remain the two leading prerogatives for today’s retirement shuttle buses. Colorado West Equipment carries the best shuttle models that can provide a breadth of amenities to get seniors where they need to go comfortably. To learn more about the vehicles and the many shuttle bus systems on the marketplace, or if you need a new or used bus, contact the best bus dealer in the area: Colorado West Equipment.

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