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Why Your Daycare Needs a Bus

As children head back to school, you may find that your daycare is losing business. Most parents quit paying for childcare as soon as their child heads off to kindergarten.

However, for many moms and dads, the 3:00 PM pick-up time poses a problem. While daycare centers will often keep kids until 6:00 PM, many schools offer no option for care after that 3:00 bell rings. This often means one parent has to leave work early or a grandparent has to step in and pick the kids up each day.

Benefits of Daycare Transportation Services

Your daycare center can take advantage of this situation and regain some of the income lost around back-to-school time quickly and easily by purchasing a bus.

Recoup Income

By offering busy mommies and daddies a safe place for their offspring to go after school and a way to get them there, you will be taking an incredible weight off their shoulders and bringing in some extra cash while you’re at it.

Safety Features

When purchasing a bus for your daycare center, safety should be your number-one concern. Safety features such as seat belts will help put concerned parents’ minds at ease. You can and should also improve the safety of your bus by adding a properly installed and adjusted safety seat for each child you will be transporting.

Gain a Special Bus

Multi-Function School Activity Buses (MFSAB), are specially designed to transport up to thirty passengers safely. The maintenance needs are similar to that of a van and there are enhanced safety features, making it ideal for children.

Benefits of Daycare Transportation Services

If you’d like to learn more about safe and efficient bus options for your daycare in Denver, please contact Colorado West Equipment. We can certainly help you get the right bus for your business so you can watch your childcare center grow.

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