Shuttle Service for Your Bar Guests

Could Your Bar Use a Bus?

If you own a bar, your top priority is making sure that your guests can leave their troubles behind, have a blast while they are in your bar and leave safe. The more you are looking out for the safety of the guests you serve, the less they will worry, and the better time they will have.

You have certainly educated your bartenders about the risks of over-serving. They know that they can help your clients have a good time by not letting them risk their health by drinking too much.

Benefits of Offering a Shuttle Service

You can take your care and concern for your guests one step further by offering a bus or shuttle service. Many bars, like The Celtic Tavern in Colorado, successfully offer a bus or shuttle to and from any locations within a 10- or 15-mile radius from their bar.

Guests’ SecurityBenefits of Offering a Shuttle Service

This helps the bar owner feel secure that the guests they care so much about will never compromise their safety or risk the security of others by driving while intoxicated.

Increases Popularity

Offering transportation to and from the bar enhances the popularity of the bar. People want to have fun and not worry about the details of who will be their designated driver or how they will get home if everyone intends to have a drink or two, and they are much more likely to patronize a bar that offers complimentary transportation.

Draw in New Crowds

You can even offer shuttle service to and from nearby sporting events and other popular venues to draw in new crowds. Bus service in resort and tourist areas is especially popular.

Buying a bus for your bar is more affordable than you might expect. Please contact Colorado West Equipment, and we will help you find a new or quality used bus in Denver that meets your needs.

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