Preparing Your Fleet for Wintry Conditions

How to Prepare Your Bus Fleet for The Winter Weather

Winter driving is difficult and frightening for all people, but especially for bus drivers. Reducing the risks of winter road accidents involves preparation and training. If you have not yet figure out a plan, you still have time to get your bus fleet ready with some solutions to prepare for the snowy months to come.

Winter Bus Safety Tips

Breaking System Inspection

Before harsh winter weather begins, it is crucial to your bus fleet to have braking systems examined and repaired to prevent bus collisions.

Train Your Bus Drivers

Preparing Your Fleet for Wintry Conditions

Prepare the drivers on driver safety for winter and perform regular bus maintenance and solutions during the winter months to prevent accidents.

To do the task, you can ask the most experienced bus drivers to train beginner staff on how to drive on snowy and icy roads. Your most experienced bus drivers should also map out alternate routes for winter weather driving to diminish the risks of bus collisions for your entire fleet.

Winter Proof Your Bus Fleet

To maintain a robust bus fleet for winter, you should have a professional mechanic winter proof your entire bus fleet. A professional technician can equip your entire bus fleet with bus solutions that effectively help your buses maintain traction on the road, including the slickest road surfaces.

We recommend getting window treatments to protect your vehicles from fog and ice accumulation throughout the cold season. Having clear windshields and door windows are critical to bus driving safety, so replace inadequate wipers for your buses when required.

Finally, you can install chains on the wheels of your bus fleet to provide better traction.

If you need help to keep your school buses running when winter hits, contact a reliable bus dealer in Denver. At Colorado West Equipment, we have professional bus technicians that will happily assist you with your inquiries.

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