Automotive Battery Maintenance Tips

Basic Battery Care

If you detect a loud buzzing noise coming from under the hood when you try to start your bus, it is time to do some maintenance on the battery.

How to Maintain Batteries & Their Components

Automotive batteries have a finite lifespan. Overcharging, heat, and undercharging, can degrade a vehicle battery. Further problems occur when there are poor electrical connections. Here is how you correctly maintain batteries and their components.

Keep Them Clean-Up

Battery boxes and battery grounds, cable connections throughout the whole system, should always be clean. Battery terminals should also tighten regularly, preferably during each preventive maintenance session.

Keeping batteries clean with baking soda or a battery cleaner spray will neutralize any acid buildup that causes voltage leakage. These products along with water will neutralize the acid and even detect acid buildup.

Also, keep in mind that if your shop is not using maintenance-free batteries, do not add untreated water to the battery cell. De-ionized water should be used, as city water contains contaminates that will destroy the plates in the battery.

Test the Battery

Basic Battery CareBattery cables should be separated, and the battery should be load tested annually. Replace weak batteries, as they under-load and will not hold a voltage. The average battery can be load-tested by drawing 30 to 40 percent of its cold cranking amp rating. This charge is held for ten seconds, and the battery must not drop below 9.6 volts.

Moreover, battery cable routing is also necessary, particularly with the positive battery cable. Once a positive cable runs through to the frame, a direct short with this much amperage potential will cause arching and significant damage to electrical components.

Finally, check for clean connections — any resistance will cause a “no start” situation and electrical accessory problems.

Your battery surely will do well by following the mentioned recommendations. If you need help with your bus fleet or are in the market for a new or used bus in Denver, contact Colorado West Equipment.


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