Multi-Function School Activity Bus 101

What is an MFSAB?

Multi-Function School Activity Bus (MFSAB) is a distinction for a bus which meets all of the safety requirements of a school bus without Eight-Way Warning Lights, a Stop Arm, or Yellow Paint.

MFSAB meet the needs of public school systems looking for a way to transport students to sanctioned after-school activities. These buses can be used to transport school-age children from a child care center, Boys and Girls Club, private school, summer camps, or the YMCA, among others.

MFSAB Legal RequirementsAn MFSAB allows you to adhere to the NHTSA’s school bus safety regulations even though you are not permitted to own a “school bus.”

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s regulations, buses sold to child care providers and other entities that routinely pick students up from school or drop students off at school are required to be buses that adhere to the school bus safety standards, even though the purchasing organizations are not schools themselves.

MFSAB Legal Requirements

There are two main legal requirements which make the MFSAB distinction a practical choice.

  1. “School children” are transported in vehicles which meet all of the safety standards applied to a school bus.
  2. Anybody who drives a school bus must have a “school bus” endorsement on their driver’s license; usually, this means that teachers and coaches are unable to drive a school bus to an after-school activity or sports game.

When to Use a School Bus and When to Use an MFSAB

When to Use a School Bus?Use a school bus if you are transporting school children on a regularly scheduled recurring route. This also involves a bus that stops along the road dropping students off at or near their homes. The bus must be driven by a “school bus driver.”

An MFSAB can be used for taking students to a one-time event outside the school where the bus will not be stopping on the street to discharge students at or near their homes. This provision enables you the flexibility of having coach or teacher who does not have a school bus endorsement drive their class or team to the outside activity.

Note that there is nothing to hold you from utilizing a school bus for the afterschool activities so long as the person driving has the correct “school bus” endorsement.

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