CNG Powered School Buses – Part 2

September 26, 2016by Colorado West Equipment1

CNG Powered School Buses Q&A

What is a CNG Powered School Bus?

Buses powered by Compressed Natural Gas, a non-petrol alternative fuel. The main component of natural gas is methane (CH4), the lightest and shortest hydrocarbon molecule. It may also contain heavier gaseous hydrocarbons like ethane (C2H6), butane (C4H10), and propane (C3H8), and others, in varying amounts. A common contaminant known as hydrogen sulfide (H2S) must be removed before most uses.

How is CNG Stored?CNG Clinder CNG Powered School Buses Q&A

CNG is commonly stored in steel or composite containers at 3,000 to 3,600 pounds per square inch (21 to 25 Mpa), which is a very high pressure.

How Many Gallons of Fuel Does a School Bus Hold?

The biggest models of school buses in service normally have the wider fuel tanks. 60-100 gallons is a common capacity for 44-passenger buses. 30-35 gallons is common for smaller buses. Alternative fuel fleets are also becoming more on demand, using fuels such as propane or natural gas.

How CNG Fuel is Measured?

A gasoline gallon equivalent (GGE) is 5.660 pounds of natural gas, according to the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). GGE describes how much alt-fuel is necessary to to match one gallon of gas in terms of energy. Since Compressed Natural Gas is is not a liquid, but a type of gas, this allowed consumers to weigh the cost of gasoline with other fuel options such as compressed natural gas. Typically, a vehicle will travel the same distance on one GGE of natural gas as it would have on one gallon of gasoline.

CNG is Becoming a Fuel Option for School Buses

Compressed Natural Gas used to power fleets of vehicles is taking off, as will be noticed many places in the United States this year as new school buses hit the road. Colorado is trying to jump-start the market for natural gas vehicles.

For the natural gas vehicle market to finally take off, more people will need to join efforts and make that conversion or ”upfitting” as well. Currently, of the 4.5 million vehicles registered in the state, only 1,050 are powered by natural gas.

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