Get to Know the Different Types of Buses

September 12, 2016by Colorado West Equipment0

What is a Bus?

Traditionally, a bus is a road vehicle designed to carry many passengers, but did you know that there is a different type of bus for your transportation needs?

Bus Types and Special Services

According to the transportation services you need to deliver in Denver, there is a bus that matches its use.

School Bus

School bus in DenverA vehicle used to allow for student travel and transport to school events, home, and school. In the United States, school buses are very specific and follow state and federal mandates; for example, the use of yellow is allowed on no other type of vehicle. In addition to the exterior color, a school bus must have a variety of safety devices and warning lights.

Shuttle BusShuttle Bus

A shuttle bus works to take people between two specific locations. The drive usually takes an hour or less and are typically associated with various transport hubs.

Paratransit Bus

This is a special form of transportation to aid those who have disabilities that make more traditional transportation difficult to impossible. Paratransit usually provides door-to-door service for people who call to reserve a ride.

Typically, minibusses are the best way to provide paratransit service. Most of these vehicles are equipped with wheelchair ramps or lifts to facilitate access.

Public or Transit Bus

Transit Bus in DenverAlso known as a city bus, a commuter bus, stage bus, or simply a bus, this is used on shorter-distance transport bus services which include articulated buses, double-decker buses, low-floor buses, and minibusses.

According to a published public transport timetable, this service type generally has fixed stops and runs on a regular schedule.

Alternate Fuel Bus

This is a type of bus that does not use petroleum fuels for operation. It has special technology and fuel requirements, such as hybrid electric, electric, and solar power.

Alternate Fuel Bus

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